You’d Think I’d Know How to Do This!

I am a veteran blogger. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years!

But this is the first blog I’ve tried to create using the new block system, and I feel as old as I am. Picture me as someone from the ’80’s being introduced to an iPhone.

So, if you are just discovering this blog, I’m an artist trying to set this site up in order to feature my art and hopefully find a market for it online.

Be patient and keep checking back. If I can find a young whipper-snapping teenager who already knows how to program satellites, I might get this up and running, soon.




Published by Anthony Baker

Husband, dad, pastor, artist, and musician. Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006 (no joke!). Loves coffee (big time), good movies, and sarcastic humor. Holds a Doctorate in Ministry. Most importantly, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. All glory belongs to Him! Matthew 5:16

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