Doolittle Pond

The owner of the property came up to me while I was at our local Farmer’s Market and said, “I want to hire you.” With my eyes widened just a little, I replied, “Well, uh, OK.” He then said, “I want to commission you to do a painting of Doolittle Pond.” We then agreed onContinue reading “Doolittle Pond”

Pakistani Pastor Portrait

This is a painting I just finished of Pastor Victor and Sophia Sammuel. I’m not that good at painting people, yet. However, he asked, so I did my best 🙂 Oh, and there’s something special I want to offer you. I am offering a PREMIUM Membership to Wall Hole Coverings. With your monthly membership youContinue reading “Pakistani Pastor Portrait”

You’d Think I’d Know How to Do This!

I am a veteran blogger. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years! But this is the first blog I’ve tried to create using the new block system, and I feel as old as I am. Picture me as someone from the ’80’s being introduced to an iPhone. So, if you are just discovering this blog,Continue reading “You’d Think I’d Know How to Do This!”

It’s More than Art; It’s Worship

If I could say only one thing about my art, I’d say it’s not really about me, the objects I paint, or what I do with the proceeds of any piece I sell – it’s all about the One who gave me the talent in the first place. From the beginning of the pandemic, whenContinue reading “It’s More than Art; It’s Worship”