“Not for Sale” (but it is!)

All of us have done it. We’ve all driven down a road and come across a classic car sitting in a yard just wasting away, wondering how much the owners would take for it (assuming we could do anything with it).

Some of us may have stopped, walked up to the door, rang the doorbell, and boldly asked, “How much would you take for the car in your yard?”

What is the typical response? “Oh, it’s not for sale; I plan on restoring it.”

You and I both know the truth – the classic in the yard will most likely turn to dust.

Well, there’s a car like that just around the corner from where I live. It’s a Nash Metropolitan sitting under a small tree in the front yard of what appears to be a quadraplex. It looks like it’s been there a good while because it’s obvious the process of decay has robbed the classic of any hope of restoration.

I can’t help but wonder how many times someone stopped and tried to buy the little car. I wonder when they stopped asking. I wonder if the one who planned on “fixing it up” is even alive.

In order to create this watercolor painting, I turned into the driveway next to where this car sits and took a few photos. I didn’t offer to buy it. Even though I’m not into restoring cars, the visible rust led me to believe the effort would not be worth it.

What IS FOR SALE is the painting!

Or, if you’d like a print, I can certainly hook you up 🙂


Published by Anthony Baker

Husband, dad, pastor, artist, and musician. Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006 (no joke!). Loves coffee (big time), good movies, and sarcastic humor. Holds a Doctorate in Ministry. Most importantly, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. All glory belongs to Him! Matthew 5:16

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